Deeper Than Death

Aug 18


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"You can tell how dangerous a person is by the way they hold their anger inside themselves quietly."

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Aug 18

But I am still drowning

Aug 18
I live in my head

Classic melon seed face, with dark wet pools for eyes that crinkled up in the corners whenever he laughed

Mop of bushy hair atop and messy brows that drew attention to the spark and light within his eyes

Aug 11

And I have not come across a greater fortune in my life, than to have met and fallen in great love with you

Aug 10

Feels like torture

Aug 5

Carys Bray, A Song for Issy Bradley
Aug 3


Carys Bray, A Song for Issy Bradley

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What’s worse - the one who throws in the rag first and is branded a quitter, or the one who hangs on to an increasingly negative and challenging situation?

Aug 3

Everyday I count my blessings

You’re amongst the biggest of them all

Jul 30