Deeper Than Death

Goosebumps on my arms
Prickling my scalp
I can feel my skin unfurl to the sound of this song

Dust stirring in the deep recesses of my mind
I can see us from the corner of my eye

Nostalgia can be my downfall

Apr 23

Can be a weapon

You let the tears pool in your eyes
And you dip your head forwards so that
Your hair falls like seaweed curtains disguising your steel as harmless wool

Apr 17

You need to be limitless
And slightly insane

Apr 16
To survive

Suddenly I’m cracking apart

Eggshell thin and you are only strong for so long before you leak tears without even knowing what they’re for

Apr 3
Apr 2

Your world is falling apart around you and all you can do is sit here and stare at the lit screen

That fucking screen

Apr 1

You don’t have to lie in this bed that you made

Mar 29

Love me at your convenience

Mar 29
Mar 25

(Source: foxmouth, via rootsandroutes)

"Inspiration comes from the dark places that people are afraid to go"

Mar 25