Deeper Than Death

Jul 16
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Actually, I don’t like Daenarys at all

Jul 15

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Bombs are flying, duck and cover
Soon we’ll all be dead, my lover.
Goodbye Israel, bye Iran, now crispy bits of sand
Bombs are falling ever closer; it all got out of hand.
It was a nice world, while it lasted; really, such a pity
Bits of it were horrible, but other bits were pretty.
One last kiss now, bye my love; there’s nothing left to do.
We’ll sit and watch the bombs together, always me and you.

Jul 11

I am a little late but I am crying like a little shit over ygritte’s death

You kno nuthin’ jon snuh

Jul 11

You just can’t win em all, no matter what the fuck you do

So fuck it and fuck them and go home to rest

Jul 8
Nightmare client
Jul 8
Straight and narrow

"I taste the good and bad in you and want them both."

- Anita Ofokansi, Literary Sexts (via bored—teenager)

(Source: hellanne, via eletheowl)

Jul 7

You give me a high no one else does, even when you’re halfway around the world

Jun 27

I love you more than all the doughnuts in the world

Jun 26
Too sweet

I will bake
And I will read
And watch TV
I will try to go to the cinema alone (try being the key word here)
And I will learn solidarity

I will spend time with my nephew
And spend time with fatty Sheila
I will spend more time with my family and maybe let them persuade me to go to Bangkok

I will watch stupid videos and read stupid threads by myself
And save the good ones for you
I will try to meet my long lost friends to catch up
And also my constant buddies to be silly

I will work grudgingly (ugh)
And I will entertain thoughts of leaving this job
But I won’t actually look for another job (yet)

I will probably procrastinate and end up doing at most 3/4 of the things listed above

But I most definitely will miss you
And wait for you to come back safely into my open arms

Jun 24
What I will do while you are gone